It’s Here! Checkboxes for Google Sheets!

Google recently launched this new feature in April 2018 which makes it very easy to insert checkboxes in Google Sheets, and allow us to use Google sheets as tasks lists. Use checkboxes for many purposes like to take attendance, track a project, and check off your to-do list.

Let’s take a look:

Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.  If you are using a spreadsheet from a Google Form you will need to insert a column for your checkboxes.  Click Insert > Column left

Highlight the range of cells or the column for where you want the checkboxes. In the top menu, click Insert > Checkbox

Voilà! Checkboxes “magically” appear in Google Sheets!

The checkboxes return a default value of “True” if checked or “False” if unchecked.

You can add checkboxes with custom values. For example, the custom checked value could be “Yes,” and the unchecked value could be “No.”

To add Checkboxes with custom values, highlight the range of cells or select the column you want to have checkboxes. Click Data > Data validation.

Next to “Criteria,” choose Checkboxes. Click Use custom cell values. Next to “Checked,” enter a value. Next to “Unchecked,” enter a value. Click Save.

The checkboxes can be sorted just like other data in Google Sheets. To cluster the rows that are checked, highlight the range of cells or select the column you want to sort, click Data >  Sort sheet by column, Z → A

Presto!  The rows that are checked are instantly grouped together!

Kim Murry
INFOhio Coordinator @ Northern Buckeye


  1. I attempted to do this, but do not have the option to insert checkboxes when I open the insert tab. Suggestions?

    • Administrator

      May 8, 2018 at 8:59 am

      Hi Rich,
      The feature is rolling out to Gsuite in waves so you may not have the feature just yet. Check again in a week and you should be able to add checkboxes.

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