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The Future of Email is Inbox by Google

By now, I’m sure everyone knows about the Gmail interface. But did you know that Google also has a very different way to interact with your email? In this TTT, I’ll give you a tour of Inbox by Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail is a great way to put the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work on your email.  You can access it by going to and using your Gmail credentials.  Here’s a shot of the main screen:

As you can see, it is much more colorful and clean than Gmail.  But the real power of Inbox is in the AI features.  Inbox uses smart bundling to recognize what type of email you have and to categorize it for you.  Take a look at these: read more

Wrangling your Inbox to make it work for you.

Most people these days find email is a chore! An inescapable part of being an educator is the daily management of your inbox. This tip which is based on using google email accounts will also work with outlook based email with some minor differences.

First a bit about how Google mail (gMail to its friends) works. All the mail that comes into your account or is sent from your account is kept in a main folder (label) called All Mail.
You can find this folder by clicking the more button and it will be in the next section down.

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Adding a Signature to Gmail

When you attach a well-designed signature to your emails you raise your credibility level and professionalism. At the very least, your signature should include your name, title, organization, and phone number and/or email where you can be contacted.  It’s easy to add a signature to your Gmail account.

This tutorial will walk you through adding a non-HTML signature, which should be fine for most people. If you really need a HTML signature, visit our blog for more info.

First, go to the Settings menu (the icon that looks like a gear).

Click it, then choose Settings from the pull-down.

Scroll down through the Settings, to the Signature area.

Click inside the box, and begin typing your signature.  You can use the icons above the box to change the font, size, style, color, add links or an image, choose the justification, add a list and more.  If you mess up and want to start over, use the last button to remove the formatting.

One last thing you might want to do is check the box next to Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it.  That will ensure that your signature appears in all messages including replies.

When done, scroll to the bottom and hit Save Changes. Now your email signature will be added to every outgoing email.
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