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Quickly make your Google Docs Quiz into a Google Form

Do you have a quiz or a test in a Google Doc, and you want to quickly move it to a Google Form?  You can do this with the Add-on called Doc to Form. 

Open up your quiz or test in gDocs, and select the Add-ons menu. If you don’t already have Doc to Form, go to Get Add-ons and install Doc to Form. Once it is installed, it will appear in your list of Add-ons. (You only need to do this once.) 

Go ahead and start it up by selecting Create Form from Doc. Here, a wizard will appear on the side of your page, and you need to follow the prompts. 

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Templates in Google Forms? Yes, please.

One of the best features of Google Forms is the ability to use templates to quickly create various types of forms. There are templates available for Education, Personal and Work.  To access the templates, you’ll want to connect to Google Forms through the URL.

Once you get there, you’ll see a few of the templates. To see all of them, you’ll need to click on the little arrow.

When you click the arrow, it may open a window of templates for your organization (which will probably be blank); just click on General to see all the templates. 

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Google Forms Presentation Rubric

This idea comes from working with Kathy Laney at Hicksville. We were looking at how to convert a paper form presentation rubric and came up with the idea of using a google form and submitting a record each time the student does a presentation. The results are tabulated in a spreadsheet  =&0=&
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