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Calculated Moves

I see a lot of teachers and students using iPhone’s Calculator tool in class.  Just like with any calculator, it is easy to hit the wrong number key.  Rather than clearing the entire calculation and starting over  [sigh!], there is a quick way to backup. To clear the last digit entered, simply swipe left or right on the calculation window. If you need to backup a few more spaces, swipe the number of digits you want to erase.

Save time with Gmail keyboard shortcuts

One of the best features of Gmail is the built-in keyboard shortcuts. They allow you to do everything from composing a message to quickly archiving messages.

In order to use keyboard shortcuts, they must be enabled in Gmail settings. To do this, first hit the gear icon at the top right of the Gmail screen, and then go to the Settings.

Scroll midway down the Settings, and make sure that Keyboard Shortcuts are turned ON. Be sure and scroll to the bottom and SAVE your settings.

Now, the keyboard shortcuts will be enabled for you. Try them out… hit the C on your keyboard to begin composing a new message. When you are done, hit Control-Enter to send your message. On a Mac, you’ll use the Command key instead of Control. read more

Browse by Topic: Using Topics in Google Classroom

Google Classroom stream can become cluttered and often, it can be difficult for both students and teacher to locate posts. By adding a topic label to a post, it is easy to locate announcements and assignments by filtering by topic. From Classroom stream, you will notice a TOPICS area located in a white rectangle to the left of screen. If the instructor has not created topics, it will read “NO TOPICS”. If topics have been created, you can click on a topic to filter the stream. After viewing filtered list, click on the arrow in the top left of screen. You will be returned to the unfiltered stream. Below is an instructional gif that shows how to filter the Classroom stream by topic:

Let’s get organized by adding Classroom labels!  When adding an announcement, assignment, or question, you will notice a field to create or select an existing topic.  The topic could be the name of the unit or chapter or it could be specific like “Proper Nouns”. Below is an instructional gif that shows how to create a topic label when adding an announcement, assignment, or question:  

Learn Google, get Certified, earn CEUs and more!

Our Instructional Services team can provide PD for your district!  If you are a full member, all training is included at no additional cost.  If you’re not a full member, we have competitive rates for our training. Not sure if you’re a member? Check here.

Join us during the 2017-18 school year for our Google Certified Educator (GCE) Level 1 Online Cohort. This cohort will take an educator through all the preparation they will need for the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam. read more

Using Nearpod to Enhance your Lessons

What is Nearpod?
Nearpod is an awesome tool for the classroom! You can create lessons using a slide deck format and allow your students to join the lesson with a code. They will follow along on their own device, and you can even insert questions into the presentation. Nearpod will collect all the student responses and put them into a report at the very end of the lesson. The lessons can be live (teacher directed/paced) or student paced.

How can I create an account? 
Go to and create an account. You can even use your Google Account to get signed in.  There is a free version and an upgraded version. This Tech Tip highlights the FREE version. read more

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